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Who Knew You Could Make So Many Amazing Things With Fall Leaves?

fall leaf craft projects

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons with the changing colors of the landscape and cooler weather rolling in from the north. This is the time of year to get busy making holiday gifts and home decor decorations to proudly display.

In this article, I’d like to share 10 Amazing Fall Leaf Craft Projects that you can make with all those leaves that are falling off the trees faster than we can clean them up. For many of these projects however, you will need leaves you have already dried and pressed. Others use fresh leaves and you can even use the tutorial at the end of this article for preserving fresh leaves using glycerin.

1. Fall Leaf Tissue Paper Pumpkin

fall leaf craft projects

Trace lawn-gathered leaves onto orange, yellow, and dark red tissue paper; cut tracings out, and stick them to a white pumpkin using decoupage glue. With a flat-head bristle brush, push from leaves’ outer edges toward the centers to pucker paper slightly and create “veins”; let dry. Brush a thin layer of glue over pumpkin – Source

2. Clay Leaf Bowls



  • Leaves
  • Air-dry or Oven-bake clay
  • Rolling pin
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Gold spray paint

The bigger the leaf, the bigger the bowl. The more intricate leaves, like from a maple tree, were my favorite, but really any leaf will do. Also, we used leafs just off the tree since they are less brittle and will keep their shape when making the bowls.

Get the full tutorial here: Clay Leaf Bowls

3. Fall Leaf Coasters

fall leaf craft projects

fall leaf craft projects

fall leaf craft projects

Get the full tutorial here: Fall Leaf Coasters

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