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Share Your Love With These 10 DIY Valentine Craft Ideas!

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Below you will find the first 5 Craft Ideas you can make for Valentine’s Day. Each one will include a link to the tutorial so you can make them.

1 Valentines Treat Bags

These darling bags would make a great gift for any special sweetie for Valentine’s day. And whatever goes inside can be limitless… small cookies, kisses, a gift card, gum…whatever your heart desires.

valentine craft ideas

Get the tutorial here: Echos Of Laughter

2 Love Glass Block

valentine craft ideas

What you will need:

– Glass block (You can get them at your home store. You can even buy ones with pre-made holes in them for your lights)
– Vellum paper
– Mod podge (you can get next to glue in craft stores)
– LOVE stickers
– Ribbon
– Lights
Attach vellum to glass block with Mod Podge (spread evenly on back of vellum w/ paint brush or foam brush). Attach the LOVE stickers on the vellum. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the block and tie a bow at top. Fill block with lights and enjoy!
Source: 247moms.com

3 Crochet Heart Baskets

If you are like me, you can never have enough storage for bits and bobs. But why have boring old round baskets when you can have cute heart shaped baskets to brighten up your space. These little crochet baskets work up quickly with Zpagetti yarn and make a great gift for yourself or a special friend. Fill them with sweet treats for Valentine’s Day.
valentine craft ideas
Get the tutorial and Patterns here: MyPoppet.com

4 Valentine’s Day Candles

5 Valentine Candy Pencils

I made these Valentine pencils about four years ago for my kids to give their teachers and the office staff at their school. They were a big hit with the receivers, and ever since I blogged about them, they have garnered a lot of interest.

valentine craft ideas

Get the tutorial here: Simply J Studio

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