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10 Purrfect DIY Pallet Cat Beds For Your Pampered Feline

The cats in my life are just as spoiled as my dogs are, and if you ask them, they will tell you that cats rule and dogs drool! I wanted something just as adorable for my kitties to sleep on that would match the pallet dog beds I have for my pooches. So I went kitty bed hunting on pinterest to find DIY Pallet Cat Beds to match the ones my dogs have.

In this Gotta Love DIY Pallet Cat Beds Showcase Collection, you will find 10 Purrfect DIY Pallet Beds for your pampered felines. These are easy to make and look adorable in the home or even on outdoor patios. Build one for your kitty today! They will Love you for it!


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Images courtesy of Pinterest

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