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10 Unusual Ways Coffee Filters Can Be Used Besides Making Coffee!

Coffee Filters can be used for many household jobs you may have never thought of. Likewise, these handy filters also be used for survival in an emergency situation. Being inexpensive and lightweight, coffee filters are an essential item to pack in a survival kit, also known as a bug out bag.

Below we are going to share 10 unusual ways coffee filters can be used in the household as well as in a survival situation or unplanned emergency that may surprise you!

10 DIY Hacks for Coffee Filters:

1. When your outdoors: Covering your plates or cups with coffee filters when not in direct use is an excellent deterrent to bugs.

2. In Your Microwave: Prevent Microwave Splatters by placing a coffee filter over your food before cooking.

3. Water Filter. Use it as pre-water filter to collect larger unwanted debris such as leaves and dirt from collected water in a survival situation. Then boil to purify water.

4. For Indoor Plants. Add a coffee filter to the bottom of your potted plants to keep the soil inside the pot and off your tables.

5. For Wounds. Small bleeding scrapes and cuts can be stopped using a coffee filter and some pressure.

6. Flavor Soups. You can put fresh or dry herbs in a coffee filter and tie with string to add flavor to soups and be removed when its done.

6. Kindling. Coffee filters pre-soaked in grease or oil will catch fire very easily.

7. Polish Shoes. Coffee filters are a great lint free way to apply polish to shoes

8. Toilet paper. A coffee filter will work effectively if you have no other options in an emergency.

9. Cold Compress. Soaking a coffee filter in cold water can will work like  a cool compress in an emergency.

10. Nail Polish Remover. You can use a coffee filter if you run out polish remover, they are strong enough to endure the rubbing to effectively remove polish.

These are just a few of the many unusual ways coffee filters can be used for other than making coffee. If you have found other uses for coffee filters for around the home or in survival situations and want to share them, feel free to post your suggestions in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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