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Moms.. You Gotta See These 12 BRILLIANT Craft Tips!

Welcome to PAGE TWO of the 12 BRILLIANT Craft Tips For Moms Video Tutorial.

In this video, you will learn 12 brilliant Mom Hacks such as:

  • Using a Soap Dispenser for a Paint Dispenser
  • How to make a Lazy Susan with pie pans and marbles
  • Make Water Colors out of Markers
  • How to remove crayon and markers off walls
  • Easy Hack for fast glitter cleanup

The video below is easy to follow and one you will want to save to refer back to for it’s helpful tips for busy moms who love to do crafts with their kids.

Watch the video below to see all 12 Brilliant Craft Tips:

My Thanks go to What’s Up Moms for this wonderful craft video and featured images.

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