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18 Enchanting DIY Garden Walkways Ideas Showcase Collection

diy garden paths

Garden walkways not only create ways for you to walk through your yards and gardens, they bring a touch of class, elegance and charm to an otherwise dull and boring walking path. In this 18 photo Gotta Love DIY Showcase Collection, you will get new inspiration for creating a DIY Garden Walkways in many different styles and colors using a wide variety of materials to make your gardens more inviting and beautiful.

Garden paths not only outline the safe places in your garden to walk, they give your garden a sense of welcoming and completeness. Garden paths come in a large assortment of landscape styles that will suit any taste, budget and gardening needs.

There are 2 pages in this DIY Showcase Collection with 9 beautiful images of enchanting garden walkways ideas on each page. Let your imagination run wild as inspiration and new ideas surface within you.

1. Railroad Ties and Gravel
12. Mosaic Pebbles 23. Cobblestone 34. Tree Trunks 45. Gravel & Slate 56. Stone Cut Outs67.  Stone with glow in the dark pebbles 78. Mixed Stone Mosaic 89. Educational Blocks9

Go to PAGE TWO for the next set of DIY Garden Path photos in this featured showcase collection!

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