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Showcase Collection of 20 Beach Inspired Christmas Craft Ideas

I suppose I take for granted how blessed I am to live so close to the beach here in Florida, and because I have had a lot of requests for Beachy Christmas crafts, I feel bad that I haven’t thought of all my cold weather friends who want to be reminded of the warmth of the beach when they are sitting in really cold weather.

So without further adue, I have put together a Showcase Collection of 20 Beach Inspired Christmas Craft Ideas that will help bring the beach into your home decor this holiday season. Each item on this and the next few pages will include either a tutorial, a link to the tutorial if there is one, or a credit to the image source below them. You will also find video tutorials as well so be sure to visit all the pages in this showcase collection. There is a lot to see!

The 1st category of beach inspired christmas craft projects is: Ornaments

1. Sea Glass Ornaments

Get the Tutorial here: Sea Glass Ornaments

2. Beachy Filled Ornament

seashell ornaments

seashell ornaments

These are pretty self explanatory, but to see the original article please go here: Beach Filled Ornaments

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Seashell Ornament Craft Ideas

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