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Learn How To Make 3 Beautiful & Delicious DIY Gingerbread Houses!


Kids and adults alike love to make DIY Gingerbread Houses. On the next 4 pages you will learn how to make 3 different types of Gingerbread Houses. Depending your child’s age, if they are small, this is a project that you could start by building the house and then let them have the fun of decorating it! Older kids can easily build and decorate these DIY Gingerbread Houses and a bit of supervision.

First let’s discuss the icing glue. The icing recipe you choose can make or break how well or not so well your gingerbread house will turn out. You want a STRONG icing to glue your house together and one that dries fast so there won’t be any disappointments while your building your little houses.

This recipe below from ‘Kids Activities Blog’ is the best for making DIY Gingerbread Houses:


3 Tablespoons meringue powder (available wherever cake decorating supplies are sold)

1lb powdered sugar (about 3 3/4 cups)

4-6 Tablespoons cold water

In a glass bowl, combine the dry ingredients.  Add 2T water.  Mix well.  Add more water as necessary to reach a very thick consistency.  When you drag a knife through it, you want to see a clean path left.  If it’s too thick, add a tiny amount of water, mix, and pull your knife through again.  If it’s too runny, add more sugar.

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