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See 4 DIY Indoor Gardens That Are AMAZINGLY Easy To Make!

Welcome to PAGE TWO of the 4 DIY Indoor Gardens That Are AMAZINGLY Easy To Make Collection.

The wonderful folks at Refinery29 have taken all the guesswork out of making indoor gardens and on these next 2 pages you will see 4 different indoor gardens you can make and enjoy wherever you live.

1 Indoor Terrarium Garden 

You need not have a yard to cultivate something green and beautiful — you can have it all indoors with a terrarium. Just be warned: Whether you choose woodsy and tropical plants or a desert cactus, maintenance is a must. “Both require different care, lighting, and water,” says Sprout Home expert Sarah Trover. “They can be made in a simple mason jar or a large handblown recycled container, depending on what your budget and space allows for.”

DIY indoor garden

2 Indoor Potted Tabletop Garden

So, maybe you decided to grab a plant on a whim, and now, you’re thinking, “What next?” Trust, there is more to that little sprout that just plant, soil, and pot alone. “We like to combine several different plants into a single container, which is sometimes a traditional pot, sometimes a cereal bowl, or the like,” says Trover. “Cover the soil with mosses or orchid bark and give it a little personality. It takes a ho-hum and typical low-light plant to the next level and really shows off your green thumb.”

DIY indoor garden

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