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See 4 DIY Indoor Gardens That Are AMAZINGLY Easy To Make!

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These are really easy to make, and honestly, do we don’t care how much work goes into these babies? It has to be easier than busting out a shovel! 🙂

3 Indoor Air Plant Garden

So, air plants are kinda the “new black” in the foliage world. Why? They don’t require soil like their leafy cousins. All you need to do is make sure you place ’em in bright, filtered light — something we can all do, unless you live in a garden apartment.

DIY indoor garden

4. Indoor Edibles Garden

While you may not want a stream of light beaming through your window when you’re still trying to sleep in the morning, it certainly is helpful if you’re trying to grow herbs and other edibles. According to Trover, “These plants require frequent watering and bright light. And, there are a lot of ways to make them look extra-attractive instead of just being a pot on your counter. Integrating them into the landscape of your kitchen is key; otherwise, you’ll forget to use them!”

DIY indoor garden

To see the tutorials for making these 4 DIY Indoor Gardens, please visit: Refinery29

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