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See 6 of my favorite Word Art Craft Projects

Crafting using DIY Word Art is a very popular project among many. Using Word Art lettering to express ourselves is a wonderful way to share our sentiments whether it be spelling out words of love, admiration, encouragement or appreciation. Decorating with Words is a popular way to decorate the home, whether it be the kitchen, bathroom, kids rooms or your main living space. We love our family, our kids and even our pets and word art is a great way to express those devotions.

I’ve seen some pretty creative ways of using letters to make beautiful decorations and today I am going to share 6 of my favorite Word Art Craft Projects that you many not have thought of.

1. Penny Word Art

diy word art

Go to The Crafted Sparrow for the Penny Word Art Tutorial

2. Watercolor Word Art

diy word art

diy word art

Go to Do Small Things With Love for the Watercolor Word Art Tutorial

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