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7 DIY Garden Lighting Ideas To Brighten Your Landscapes

These DIY Garden Lighting ideas will brighten your landscape, patios and yards. You can light up everything from walking paths to focal points in your garden that you want to accentuate.

Having lights professionally installed can be quite costly.  Garden lighting is easy and is a lot cheaper when you do it yourself. Get your backyard ready for entertaining with these 7 DIY Garden Lighting Ideas.

1. Mason jar Lights: (3 types)

  • The 1st is Mason jar Candle Lights. Use pebbles to fill 1/4 to 1/2 of the jar. Add a candle. Using twine, hang from tree branches or deck overhangs. 4

       Image courtesy of Pinterest

  • The 2nd type of Mason Jar Lights are painted and strung with electric lights for a dazzling effect.  Get the full tutorial HERE

  • The 3rd type is Solar Mason Jar Lighting: Decorate your mason jars with a variety of items. 2 example of this are: you can glue glass gems to the jar with a hot glue gun or decoupage the jar with leaves or rainbow paper (see photos below) and you will need solar mason jar lids (purchase on Amazon here) and some candles or or even battery operated tea lights.  For decoupage jars, you can use either glue and water or mod podge as shown in the tutorial below. You can see tutorials for the gem lights HERE and the decoupage tutorial HERE.18 19

    20Images courtesy of Pinterest

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