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Adorable Heart Shape Hard Boiled Eggs

I found this DIY Kitchen hack video for making heart shaped hard boiled eggs on YouTube and this actually works!! Not only were they yummy they were so adorable I didn’t want to eat them. After the nostalgia wore off they were gobbled up because my family and I love hard boiled eggs.

I can’t wait to try making heart shaped deviled eggs with this new trick I have learned and now you can learn how to make them too.

What you will need:

• 3 Small Eggs
• 3 Cups Water
• ¼ tsp Vinegar
• ¼ tsp Salt
• 1 Empty Cardboard Milk Container
• One Chopstick
• 2 Rubber Bands

The ingredients above will yield 3 Eggs. Simply double the recipe to make a half dozen and so on. 

Watch and share the video below to learn how to make Heart Shaped Deviled eggs!


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