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Awesome DIY Patio Table With Built-In Beverage Cooler!

diy patio table with built in coolers

We spent a lot of time on our patio as a family and while entertaining friends. One of the most annoying things is having to get up over and over again to get a drink. Having a cooler on the patio is fine but those take up space and are not very attractive.

So I did a search and discovered that we can make a DIY Patio Table with a beverage cooler built right into the table. You may have seen tables like this on Pinterest. They are quite functional and a great way to relax outside around the table family and friends.

Here are a few examples of these DIY Patio Tables I found online;

cooler1courtesy of pinterest

cooler2courtesy of pinterest

The one I liked the most was found at a really cool website called Domesticated-Engineer. It had handy removable cooler covers so the table can function normally when coolers are not in use! How’s that for a nifty idea?


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