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Black Lace For Halloween? Sounds Kinky But You Don’t Wear It!

black lace halloween candles

I’ve been on the hunt for Halloween DIY projects and I found a cool halloween decoration at ‘Big And Go Official’ that is quick and simple and fits the occasion. These are Black Lace Halloween Candles that are made with black lace found at places like Joann’s Fabrics and other craft stores. This tutorial suggests sewing the lace once it is wrapped around the candle jar, but I think hot glue would work just as well.

What you will need:

  • glass jar or votive
  • black lace
  • needle and thread or hot glue


Pick up a yard or two of black lace trim, cut off a strip that covers the perimeter of your candle. Using a needle and black thread, overlap the edges and make small stitches to tack in place.

As I mentioned above, I would prefer gluing the lace on verses sewing, I hate sewing haha! Hot glue would be just as effective and a whole lot easier!

You can see the original tutorial for making these at the wonderful bigangofficial.com website HERE

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