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I Love These! What A Great Idea!

Want to bring a beachy feel to your patio? These DIY Concrete Glass Pebble Coasters are the perfect choice. These are super easy to make and remind me of warm sunny days on the beach where the local restaurants serve outdoor drinks on fancy little coasters. You can also make these with sea glass for an even beachier appeal.

In the video on PAGE TWO you will learn how to make these pretty concrete glass pebble coasters that can be used on patios, by the pool, and if you want to use them inside the house, simply add a few beads of silicone caulking to the bottom so they don’t scratch your tables.

concrete glass pebble coasters

What you will need:

  • Rapid set cement or concrete
  • silicone coaster mold
  • Round or Oval Glass pebbles that are flat on one side (like those shown below) You can use any color that suits your decor. These are cheap and can be found in craft stores and Amazon.

concrete glass pebble coasters

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