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I Just Made These and I LOVE Them!

I went shopping a few weeks ago looking for sandals and comfortable but stylish flip flops. I was shocked at how high the prices were for beaded flip flops that were cheaply made with glued on beads that would easily fall off and ruin them.

So I went hunting for a way to make my own DIY Beaded Flip Flops and low and behold I found an awesome photo tutorial at ‘usefuldiy’ that goes one step further to not just glue but sew on the beads and pearls that are even more beautiful than what I saw in the store.

I love these!! My favorite motto as a DIY crafter is; Why Buy When You Can DIY! And in this case, it couldn’t be more true!

What you will need:

  • plain rubber flip flops (or any kind you choose)
  • drilled beads, balls and pearls (your choice of sizes)
  • seashells or any other embellishments you may want
  • ribbon in color that matches the flip flops
  • glue
  • needle
  • thread (same color as ribbon)

diy beaded flipflops

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