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Stop Using Your Keys & Lighters! DIY Bottle Opener Hack

diy bottle opener hack

As a woman, when I need a bottle opened, I usually hand it to my husband and he opens it for me. When he’s not around, or I am at the beach on my day off and don’t have a bottle opener handy, I have tried using a key or bic lighter like he does and most of the time I still can’t get the darn bottle opened.

Has this ever happened to you?

Well today you’re going to learn a DIY Bottle Opener Hack that you can make and use to remove bottle caps like a hardcore pro!

What You Will Need:

diy bottle opener hack

This is a really easy DIY that you can make yourself in a few minutes.

Watch the short video tutorial on the NEXT PAGE (page 2) to learn how to make your own DIY Bottle Opener!

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