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Clay Pots Have NEVER Looked So Cute!

DIY Clay Pot Pets

Earlier I shared a tutorial for making DIY Clay Pot People, and in the the process of looking for the pot people I came across some of these adorable DIY Clay Pot Pets that I just had to share with you. As much as I love animals, I am seriously favoring the clay pot pets even more so than the clay pot people. What do you think? Are these super cute or what??

You can use the instructions on the DIY Clay Pot People Tutorial to make these 7 adorable DIY Clay Pot Pets for your garden landscape.

1. Clay Pot Pet Cat

DIY Clay Pot Pet Cat

2.Clay Pot Pet TurtleDIY Clay Pot Pet Turtle

3. Clay Pot Pet Cow DIY Clay Pot Pet Cow

4. Assorted Clay Pot Pets Assorted Clay Pot Pets

Go to PAGE TWO to see 3 more DIY Clay Pot Pets that you don’t want to miss!

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  1. Seen this on my Facebook and thought it was amazing love it. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoy things like this. Hope to see more. Thank you again.

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