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Awesome Gift Idea For Homemade DIY Cranberry Orange Soap [Recipe]


I found a festive diy project recipe for making Homemade DIY Cranberry Orange Soap by ‘Soap Deli News’ that will make the perfect gift for your family and friends. These colorful soaps are the perfect size for traveling, decorating a bathroom and make wonderful stocking stuffers.

Handmade soap is healthier than store bought soap and these are colorful and have a fragrance you and everyone who uses it will enjoy. Making soap is not as hard as you may think. With the right products you will soon be making these beautiful soaps too.

cranberry orange soapIngredients you will need:

19.85 oz. white melt and pour soap base
1/4 teaspoon walnut shell powder
1 teaspoon extra fine red glitter
1-2 Tablespoons orange peel/zest, to suit
.05 oz. peppermint essential oil
.2 oz. cranberry fragrance oil of choice
.35 oz. orange fragrance oil of choice (or sweet orange eo)
red liquid soap colorant
yellow liquid soap colorant


I used a Tovolo King Silicone Ice Cube Tray for this homemade cranberry orange soap recipe. It yields six square shaped soaps.

You’ll be making this soap recipe in layers. After pouring each layer you’ll want to spritz with regular rubbing alcohol to remove any air bubbles then allow each layer to harden before preparing and pouring the next layer. Spritz with alcohol again before pouring each new layer. Weigh all ingredients unless otherwise noted.

You can place this mold in the fridge to speed up the time it takes for the soap to set. This can vary depending on the base you use as some bases harden more quickly than others. However I don’t recommend freezing the soap.

For your first layer use a digital scale to weigh out 3.8 oz. of melt and pour soap base. Cut into chunks and combine in a glass Pyrex measuring cup. Heat in the microwave in short bursts until the soap is fully melted. Be sure not to let the soap boil or bubble…

Get the instructions for the additional layers to make this cranberry orange soap HERE

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