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5 Genius DIY Fall Leaf Hacks For Lazy People!

diy fall leaf hacks

Are your fall leaves already starting to pile up at your house? Ours sure are and I don’t know about you, but my husband and I dread the yearly chore of cleaning up the fall leaves that end up all over our patios, driveway and walkways as well as clogging up our gutters. We have a LOT of trees in our yard so it’s one huge mess that is never fun to clean.

Our leaf piles get so big our dogs can literally hide in them and they LOVE to run through them making an even bigger mess, but it makes us laugh when they are having fun being so silly!

Aside from hiring a neighborhood kid to do the job, today you will learn 5 Genius DIY Fall Leaf Hacks that make fall cleanup a whole lot easier, especially if your lazy like me when it comes to yard work! 🙂 I like to make messes with all my crafts, but cleaning up is a whole other story!

I especially like the gutter trick in the video below! I can’t believe I never thought of that!

Watch the DIY Fall Leaf Hack Video below to see all 5!

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