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Save Your Wine bottles To Make Some Of These!

glass bottle candle holders

I’ve seen a lot of projects lately for DIY Glass Bottle Candle Holders & Luminaries so I thought I would create a Showcase Collection of ideas for making them that I hope will inspire you to try something new with your recycled glass bottles. You can use beer or wine bottles, glass soda bottles and so much more.

I love these because they’re not your ordinary glass bottle candle holders that you simply place a candle inside. Those are nice, but the items in this showcase take glass bottle crafting to a whole new level.

Most of the items in this collection require cutting the bottoms off the glass bottles which is not as hard as it sounds. I’ve included a link to a glass cutting tutorial to help teach you how to do it with the best results. Most glass cutting methods found on youtube and other sources suggest tying string around it and setting it on fire and then placing the hot bottle in water, and while that method works, it does not result in a clean break and often the result is quite jagged which is not the desired finish we are wanting to achieve.

Here below is a link to teach you how to cut glass the best way possible for a nice clean finish. Once you have viewed that tutorial which will open in a new window, save the page and come back here and move to page two to see what you can do with the glass you’re going to cut.

How To Successfully Cut Glass

glass bottle candle holders

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  1. Just so totally amazing I have a glass cutter and lots of wine bottles I just love what you have done in trying this tomorrow thanks for sharing this step by step tutorial

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