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Irresistible Real Candy DIY Mason Jar Jelly Bean Candles!

I have loved jelly Beans since I was a child and still enjoy their sweet and colorful flavors to this day. You can’t imagine how excited I was to find a tutorial for making Real Candy DIY Mason Jar Jelly Bean Candles that I can make myself and enjoy just as much without getting fat HAHA!

Jelly Beans are festive and fun all year long but this Jelly Bean Candles are especially decorative at holiday time! It’s colorful display of yumminess looks awesome on a holiday dinner table. These candles are easy to make with the basic candle making supplies.

diy jelly bean candles

I’m happy to share this tutorial with you so you can make your own DIY Mason Jar Jelly Bean Candles to enjoy as much as I am enjoying mine!

What you will need:

diy jelly bean candles

  • Paraffin wax. (candle kits come with wax but paraffin wax has superior translucence to show off the jelly beans.)
  • Candle wicks (you will need longer wicks than what comes in your candle kit to make candles in larger jars)
  • 1 bag or more of regular sized jelly beans
  • Mason Jars (any glass jars will do)

Go To Page TWO for Instructions To Make Mason Jar Jelly Bean Candles!

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