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Make Your Garden GLOW Like Magic With This DIY Project!

I’ve seen a lot of unique DIY garden Projects in my day, and one that stands out more than the countless others I have seen and shared with with you here are these DIY Mushroom Lights from instructables.com. These mushroom lights add a mystical charm to the garden landscape that look so naturally organic, they look like they are magically glowing.

diy mushroom lights

This fun DIY Craft Project tutorial allows you to get really creative with how you choose to create your Mushroom Lights. You can make them any color size or shape you want. The possibilities are limitless.

What you will need:

  1. Scissors
  2. Wire cutters
  3. Soldering iron and solder
  4. Cling-film (plastic wrap)
  5. Power drill

And the following materials:

  1. Battery box for 3x AA batteries, with built in switch
  2. Thin electrical wire (red and black)
  3. Driftwood (or dried bark etc)
  4. LEDs
  5. Resistors (their value depends on the LEDs you use. See step 3 for more info)
  6. Watercolour paints
  7. Clear silicone (can be found in most DIY stores)

diy mushroom lights diy mushroom lights

Go to the NEXT PAGE to watch a video tutorial plus a link to the written tutorial to make DIY Mushroom Lights for your garden landscapes.

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