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[Video] Adorable DIY Penguin & Owl Pillows Craft Project

I have always loved Penguins and Owls since I was a girl. I also love pillows and have pillows on all of my couches and my bed. This craft project tutorial will teach you how to make these super cute DIY Penguin & Owl Pillows yourself. On page two there is a video for you to watch to see how to make them.

These make wonderful gifts and if you know the decor colors of the one you are making them for, you can easily choose fabric colors to compliment their style whether for an adult or a little girl’s room.

What you will need:


Craft Paper
Fabric of your choice for body
2nd fabric in contrasting pattern (Owl only)
Black, White and Orange felt for eyes, beak and face
Batting or stuffing


Sewing materials or hot glue gun

Go to the NEXT PAGE to watch the video

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