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If You’ve Ever Wondered How To Make These Adorable Clay Animals, Look No Further!

Polymer Clay is a wonderful craft project medium that can be used to make so many beautiful things. It is versatile and colorful and adds a dimension of 3D depth to your projects that can’t be compared to other mediums. Today you will learn via photo tutorials how to make some of the cutest DIY Polymer Clay Animals.  You can make these Polymer Clay animals any size you desire.

These clay animals can be used to decorate a child’s room, or made into Christmas Tree ornaments or even as cake toppers to decorate a cake like you see done at high end bakeries. If you use these for decorating cakes, you can choose between making them with polymer clay so the child can keep the toys, or you can opt to make any of these adorable animals with fondant, making them edible. At the end of this tutorial I will include a link for making homemade fondant.

If you opt for using clay, you can use either air dry clay that requires no baking or you can use traditional polymer clay and bake per the instructions on the bag or box.

I will be sharing 7 Clay Animal project photo tutorials below. Some will include a video demonstration. Let’s get busy!

1. Unicorn


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