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4 DIY Pumpkin Tutorials For Carving – Flaming – Smoking Pumpkins & Witches Brew [Videos]

Halloween is just around the corner and each year I try my best to carve out spooky faces on pumpkins that miserably fall short of ones I have seen photos of. Today you will learn several techniques for DIY Pumpkin Carving that will have you carving pumpkins like a PRO! Or how about learning how to make a Flaming Pumpkin, Spooky Smoking Pumpkins or even Smoking Witches Brew?

These techniques are so simple that anyone can do them with great results that you will be proud to show off on Halloween.  Just follow the tutorials in the videos on the next few pages and you will have the best Halloween display on the block!

On the next five pages you will see the following 4 DIY Pumpkin Video Tutorials:

  1. How To Carve A Pumpkin Like A Pro
  2. How To Make A Flaming Pumpkin
  3. How To Make A Smoking Pumpkin
  4. How To Make Bubbling Witches Brew & Bubbling Pumpkin

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