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[Video] Scrumptious DIY Rainbow Leopard Cake

Have you ever seen a Rainbow Leopard Cake? This is one of the most creative DIY cakes I have ever seen! Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio has some of the coolest cakes ever! Get ready to get your sugar fix on with this scrumptious DIY Rainbow Leopard Cake.

Follow the tutorial and check out Jen’s other awesome cakes too! I get hungry every time I visit her pages.

Try making one of these for your kid’s next birthday party! It’s sure to be a hit!

I don’t recommend using a cake mix from a box, unless it is a pound cake mix, as you need a heavy, thick cake to ensure that the spots do not spread when you are piping them.  My homemade vanilla cake recipe is what I used, and as you can see, it worked perfectly.

cake2Image Source 


Go to PAGE TWO to watch the video below to see the full tutorial.

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