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DIY Starbucks Copycat Recipe For Vanilla Bean Frappuccino

Until recently, I had NO IDEA that Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappuccino does not contain any coffee. I do not like coffee and once I knew this, I have been stalking Starbucks to buy these like a frappe fiend ever since!  I am sure you can add coffee if you choose but I love them just the way they are without it. I just can’t get enough of that decodent vanilla bean flavor!

So imagine my excitement when I found this DIY Starbucks Copycat Recipe for their delicious Vanilla Bean Frappuccino at the Raining Hot Coupons website! Jumping for joy?? HECK YA!!

You’ve GOT to try this!! Starbucks products are not cheap by any means and with this recipe, you can save your frappuccino money for other things!

Head to PAGE 2 NOW for the Recipe for Starbucks For Vanilla Bean Frappuccino…

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