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It’s Easier Than You Think To Make Indoor Water Fountains!

Who doesn’t love a beautiful trickling water fountain? The sounds of the water soothe the mind and body and they are visually appealing as well. Most water fountain tutorials are directed towards fountains for outdoor garden use, but today you will learn how to make 2 different types of Indoor DIY Tabletop Water Fountains using materials you most likely already have lying around.

The water fountain spoken of below looks somewhat Egyptian in style and is very elegant. You’ll find the material list you need below and 2 video tutorials on page 2.

What you will need:

  • clay pot – vase shape (see image)
    diy tabletop fountain
  • square plastic container
  • larger round metal bowl
  • glue gun
  • epoxy compound
  • tubing
  • small water pump
  • artificial flowers
  • gold spray paint

Go To Page 2 To Watch 2 Tabletop Fountain Video Tutorials

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