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How To Make Beautiful DIY Water Candles

I am excited to share a great tutorial for making Beautiful DIY Water Candles that has little to no cost involved! Water candles are really cool because you can add embellishments as focal points in your candles like crystals, marbles, gems, stones and even flowers that look amazing in the bottom of your water candles.

diy water candles

You can make water candles in any type of glass container you desire, use your imagination and be creative. The fancier the glass container, the more appeal your water candle will have. But even plain glass jars can make beautiful water candles that you will love.

What you will need:

1. Glass cup
2. Water
3. Lamp oil or cooking oil
4. Candle wick
5. Compass
6. Scissor
7. Tape
8. Transparent sheet
9. Food coloring (optional)
10. Embellishments (crystals, marbles stones etc)


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