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Save Your Doilies For These 7 Simple Lace Doily Christmas Trees!


I’ve seen so many different types of holiday christmas trees made with doilies, and I couldn’t decide which one to share, so I thought it might be nice if I shared several simple Lace Doily Christmas Tree Ideas with you and let you choose which one you’d rather make.

Each of these beautiful little trees only requires some hot glue or mod podge, doilies in different sizes from small to large, a paper or styrofoam cone and any embellishments you choose to add such as tiny ornaments or garland. You can even make tiny ball ornaments out of polymer clay and glue them to the tree which would look really pretty as well.

Some of these doily christmas trees require wrapping and gluing the entire doily around the trees, and my favorite one has graduated size doilies that skirt out where only the center is glued on and the skirt remains free.

On the next page you will see seven different doily christmas tree ideas.

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