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How To Use Essential Oils To Balance Hormones Naturally!

balance hormones naturally

Women are not the only ones who are affected by hormone imbalance. Men are just as susceptible to hormonal changes as women.  Even a single imbalanced hormone can seriously affect the entire physical and emotional body of both men and women in ways that science is still working to fully understand.

Hormone balance goes way beyond Menopause, which believe it or not can also affect men in a condition known as Manoapuse that affects men between the ages  of 45-60 as their testosterone levels decline, similarly to the way women are affected when their estrogen levels fall below normal.

Diet and lifestyle play a significant role in hormone balance, we are a nation of people who eat fast and work hard , and as such, the ages at which hormone imbalance occurs has rapidly declined from the statistical standards of many years ago. Add to that, the levels of stress and toxic chemicals we are now subjected to in our foods and products, it is no wonder that hormone imbalance has become an epidemic in the world as a whole.

In this article, you will learn How To Use Essential Oils To Balance Hormones Naturally!

As stated on the Natural Living Ideas website:

A holistic approach is the best way to correct hormonal imbalances. The definition of the word holistic is: the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts.

Treating hormonal imbalances with pharmaceuticals often aggressively corrects one imbalance while creating complications in other parts of the endocrine system. Essential oils are the best solution for the holistic treatment of imbalances.

Super Essential Oils

There’s a super-group of essential oils called adaptogens. These smart essential oils are unique because they have opposing healing properties like being both stimulating and relaxing — they adapt to your needs.

The use of adaptogen essential oils are pivotal for hormonal imbalances where glands may be under-functioning in one system, while over-functioning in another. Adaptogenic essential oils are capable of balancing opposing conditions without creating further imbalance, as many pharmaceuticals would cause. Using them together further strengthens their healing properties.

9 Adaptogen Essential Oils For Hormone Balance Are:

Clary sage

To read the complete article please visit the good folks at Healthy Holistic Living to get specific treatments for using these 9 Essential Oils for Hormonal Balance

Hormonal balance is such an important factor for feeling good and healthy living, so if hormone imbalance is affecting you, treating it holistically and naturally is the safest and best way to get your body back into balance and yourself back into the flow of a healthy life once again.

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