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What’s Christmas Without A Grinch! This Is SO EASY To Make!

grinch ornament

Most people say “He’s a mean one – Mr. Grinch, but I LOVE the grinch and his silly expressions and I love this idea for making Grinch Ornaments for the christmas tree. These are easy to craft and make great holiday gifts.

grinch ornament You will first need to make green glitter ornaments which you can easily do using my tutorial for making Glitter Ornaments. Once that is done, follow the simple tutorial below for adding the grinch features.

There are 2 ways to do this..

1) If you are good with a paintbrush the easiest way is to simply paint on his face with craft paint and a sharpie, then add green feathers for hair which you can find at Walmart or any craft store.

2) If painting is not your thing, you can use a silhouette (like the image below) to trace the face onto vinyl, cut it out and glue it onto your ornament then add the feathers for hair.

grinch ornament

That’s all there is to it!! This is a super simple craft project anyone can do for very little money. So why not add an adorable grinch to your christmas tree this year!

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  1. I am using acrylic paint to put the facial features on the ornaments. Do I need to any kind of sealer on them? I tried using a Matte ceramic sealer but it left an ugly film on the bulb.

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