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How To Cook Perfect Turkey? I’ve Been Doing It ALL Wrong! [Watch This Video]

how to cook perfect turkey

My family says I make the best Thanksgiving turkeys which is why the family feast is always at my house.  I really thought I had this turkey thing down pat until I saw this video tutorial from Gordon Ramsay showing How To Cook Perfect Turkey and it seems I was doing it WRONG!

So if my turkey was as good and moist as everyone says, (and it is DELICIOUS if I do say so myself haha) .. then I can’t even imagine how much more delicious it will be following Gordon’s recipe. I am also definitely trying his recipe in this video for flavorful gravy.

In this 3 page article you will learn how to prep your turkey by brining it as well as watch a video by Gordon Ramsay with his advice for how to cook perfect turkey.

I was surprised he did not start off cooking his bird breast side down which is one of my tricks for getting it super moist as all the juices run into the breast when it is cooked that way. So I MAY still do that but use all his other suggestions as outlined in the video that you will see on Page 3. Brining is also key to moist turkeys and I will cover my steps for brining on the Next Page.

perfect turkey

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