I Am Impressed With How These Stained Glass Mason Jars Turned Out!

Welcome to PAGE TWO of How To Easily Create Beautiful Stained Glass Mason Jars.

As I mentioned on the previous page, this is an easy project and the only thing you need is an assortment of colors of sharpie permanent markers. You can find them in any craft store, on Amazon and at Walmart stores.

Before you begin this project, make sure that your jar is cleaned with soap and water to remove all debris and oils from your hands and allow it to dry completely before you begin for best results.


Choose whatever pattern or design you want for your jar. You can choose a block design like the one in the picture above or you could choose regular shapes or stripes or circles – whatever you like.

When you’re coloring, try to keep your ink to one layer.  What I mean is: don’t go back over the same area that you’ve already colored because that second layer tends to lift off the first layer.

Also, when you’re switching colors, try not to overlap.  Not only will you lift the first color, but if you go over top of blue with a yellow marker, you’re going to end up with blue ink on your yellow marker tip.

Other than keeping your colors separate, there isn’t much more too it. Set them in a windowsill and allow them to dry.

Suggestion: It is recommended to cure them via baking the glass, placing it in a COLD oven and then setting the oven to 275 for about 30 minutes. Then turn off the oven and allow them to cool in the oven to room temp before you take them out as extreme temp/rapid changes may break the glass. Once it is cooled, paint the entire glass with a coat of acrylic varnish, and let it dry.

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