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How To Make 3 Fruit & Veggie DIY Animal Art Carvings [Videos]

We’ve all seen those amazing art sculptures made out of fruits and vegetables. I don’t know about you but I have always wanted to know HOW to make beautiful creations with our favorite edible fruits & veggies. Today you will learn 3 easy, fun and free ways to make delicious Fruit & Veggie DIY Animal Art Carvings that you will be proud to show off at your next party or family get-together.

There are 3 videos on Page Two that will teach you step by step how to make the following DIY Animal Art Carving Masterpieces with the guidance of the great J. Pereira!

Get your fruit and veggies ready so you can follow along!

  1. Darling Pineapple Ducks art1
  2. Exquisite Melon Fishart3
  3. Adorable Fruit Parrot

To learn how to make these 3 amazing DIY Animal Art carvings, go to PAGE TWO to watch the 3 video tutorials!

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