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How To Make A DIY Kumihimo Bracelet [Video]

Kumihimo is a traditional Japanese technique of braiding together strands of silk into cords. In Japanese the word Kumihimo means ‘coming together of threads”.  The art of Kumihimo Bracelet making has been passed down from many generations of skilled crafters.

The old fashioned ways of braiding using an old school tool called a marudai were much harder than what we have for making them today. Using a modern crafting tool called a Kumiloom or Kumi Disc, we are now able to reproduce these beautiful braided cords into Kumihimo bracelets, necklaces and even belts and headbands.
diy kumihimo bracelet

I found this awesome tutorial at the fallfordiy website and wanted to share it with you!

 What you will need:

  • Kumihimo Disk (alternatively cut 32 slits into a circle of foam/thick cardboard
  • 4 x 1 metre cotton cord/embroidery threads
  • Bell closer cord end, extension chain and clasp.
  • Metal tubing and a tube cutter.

diy kumihimo bracelet

diy kumihimo bracelet

To see the full set of instructions for making this beautiful DIY Kumihimo Bracelet, please visit the Fall For DIY website where you will find a step by step tutorial and much more!

If you’ve never worked with this braiding technique or made a Kumihimo Bracelet, go to the next page to watch 2 video tutorials for beginners to learn how it’s done.

Go To PAGE TWO For a Video Tutorials

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