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The Results Of This Coaster Tutorial Are Both GORGEOUS And Useful

Welcome to PAGE TWO of How To Make Alcohol Ink Coasters.

What you will need to make these:

  • white ceramic tiles
  • rubbing alcohol
  • alcohol ink refills
  • small brush

alcoholinkcoaster2 alcoholinkcoaster3 alcoholinkcoaster4 alcoholinkcoaster5

If you’re going to use them as trivets, (hot plates) you’ll need a sealer that is heat tolerant, or else any varnish you put on will just melt off with the first hot pot that sits on it.

If you’re using them as coasters, you can get away with just a light coat of mod podge.

I put small cork pads on so that they don’t scratch anything.

Check out the original source of this project for detailed instructions, photos and helpful tips at: 100 things 2 Do

My Thanks go to Shelly for this wonderful craft project and featured images.

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