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How To Make Beautiful DIY Yarn Globes & Lamps

In this video you will learn how to make decorative DIY Yarn Globes for your home that you make with simple hanging light fixtures you can buy almost anywhere! These are decorative and super easy to make once you know how. Lighten and brighten any room of your home while adding a touch of flair your friends will envy and admire. You will only need the first 3 items below to make a yarn globe. The remaining items are needed if you want to want to make a lamp.

These are perfect for any room in the house including kids rooms, kitchens and even for patios if they are covered to keep out rain. You can make these in any color or size that you prefer. On page 2 you can see a video to watch how easy it is to make them. I hope you will give this craft project a try. They look really nice hanging and lighting up your favorite home spaces.


  • Cotton Yarn or Hemp Cord
  • School Glue
  • Bouncy ball
  • Hanging Light Fixture
  • Clear Light Bulb
  • 3/8″ Two Piece Clamp Connector
  • 1″ x3/4″ Washer

Go to the next page to watch the video tutorial for making your own Yarn Globe or Lamp!

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