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Make A Gift Men Will LOVE Using This UNBELIEVABLE Ingredient! The Result? WOW!

man glitter candle holders

It’s not often that we find DIY Craft Projects fit for a man, and that’s a shame because men like nice things to! Well, today the men in your life are in for a treat because this craft project I found on “instructables” is fit for a man cave and utilizes sawdust to make Man Glitter Candle Holders!

We’ve all used many types of mediums for creating beautiful new objects, but when is the last time you used sawdust in your craft projects? The result is.. AMAZING and your man will not mind his office or man cave being beautified with something made with a manly touch and what man doesn’t like sawdust?

man glitter candle holdersYou can also use this technique for upcycling their beer mugs, coffee cups or any other glass objects men like. Whatever item you choose, they will make great gifts for your sons, husbands, fathers or friends.

What you will need:

  • Glass jars, tumblers or votives
  • Sawdust
  • Electrical tape
  • Foam/Sponge brush
  • Strainer
  • Glue (Lepage glue is recommended)
  • Clear coat spray
  • Baking pan or cookie sheet (no baking required)


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