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So THAT’S How They Make These? I’m Trying This!

Melting beads for craft projects is not a new concept for crafters, nor is making suncatchers. I’ve seen a lot of different variations on Pinterest for making Melted Bead Suncatchers and I saved some of my favorites to share with you in this 3 page tutorial with lots of photos and instructions.

Making the suncatchers is so easy and requires little work on your part. You can create some amazing designs using this technique that look beautiful hung up as the sun’s rays reflect upon them.

Most tutorials suggest drilling a hole when the suncatcher is complete, but I prefer to use a small cookie cutter or even using a large nut where the hole will go which eliminates all chances of damaging your beautiful melted bead suncatcher during drilling.

melted bead suncatchers

What you will need:

  • Pony Beads – (transparent or solid) variety of colors and or sizes.
  • Pie or cake pan or dish (round) can also use muffin tins for smaller suncatchers
  • Drill OR small cookie cutter or lug nut to create a hole
  • Fishing Line, ribbon or twine to hang it
  • Oven or outdoor grill (to melt your beads)

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