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Video Tutorial For Making STUNNING Mosaic Garden Stepping Stones

mosaic garden stepping stones

I’ve always been fond of mosaics and one way to add color to your landscape is to make Mosaic Garden Stepping Stones. The best way to do this to to use colorful plates that you purposefully break into pieces and arrange them in a pleasing manner. In this video tutorial you will be gluing the pieces to a cheap concrete stepping stone that you can get at walmart garden centers or your local home depot store, then grouting and sealing the stone to complete it.

I’ve also seen people make their own base stones with quick dry mortar and applying the mosaic pieces to that verses glueing them on. Then you just embed your pieces into the mortar and don’t have to deal with the glue and sometimes you don’t even have to grout if you don’t want to do that. Whichever way you choose to go, mosaic garden stepping stones add a splash of color to gardens and walkways that draw the eye into the garden or landscape.

This tutorial uses wheeled tile nippers to do the plate breaking, however, it can also be done by putting the plate in a bag and hitting it on the floor or with a hammer, but that will result in more smaller shards with no control at all over where and how the plate pieces will break.

What you will need:

  • colorful plates (dollar store or old plates)
  • assorted small tiles or beads
  • wheeled tile chipper (optional but suggested)
  • round concrete stepping stone with flat bottom (home depot)
  • outdoor adhesive glue
  • q-tips
  • plastic gloves
  • soft sponge
  • paper towels
  • grout (any color you choose)
  • blow dryer for faster drying (optional)

mosaic garden stone

mosaic garden stone

mosaic garden stone

mosaic garden stone

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