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I Had No Idea It Would Be This Easy!

I love candle making and and in this tutorial you will learn how to make a DIY Mushroom House Candle Jar that is one of the most creative and beautiful candles I have ever seen. I am excited to share this with you. Most candle tutorials teach how to make candles, but far too few ever talk about decorating the actual candle jar like this one does. I hope you decide to give this craft project a try. The result is absolutely stunning!

What you will need:

• Mason Jar – (the shorter wider size versus the taller ones)
• Polymer Clay in white, brown, teal, green, purple and orange
• Premium Wax
• Wick with metal base
• Small Cookie Cutters (square and heart shaped)
• Knife
• Rolling pin
• Wooden Sticks or skewers
•  Candle Pot or Microwave


To Make The Mushroom House:

Begin by covering a clean jar with white clay up to just below where the lid screws on and smooth it out.

Using a square cookie cutter cut out a window in the white clay and embelish it with brown clay. Use your rolling pin to roll out each piece for the window frame.

Next you will make a door with brown clay. Use your knife to carefully etch the wood designs in the door and make a round ball out of brown clay for the door knob.

Use your heart shaped cookie cutter to cut a heart in the door through both the brown and white clay.

Next you will make the flowers and leaf vine around the door. Use your rolling pin again to roll out the vine and your knife to etch the veins in the leaves.

Cover the lid with red clay and embelish it with flat white dots.

To Make The Candle:

Melt your wax in a candle pot or in the microwave until liquid.

Dip the metal end of the wick in the hot wax and place it in the center of the bottom of the jar. Allow it to harden and affix to the jar.

Position the outer wick between 2 sticks or skewers to hold it straight and upright.

Carefully pour the hot wax in the jar. Let it cool completely

That’s it.. You are done!

Isn’t this the most beautiful candle jar you’ve ever seen? I hope you’ve been inspired to make one for yourself. These make wonderful gifts for family and friends too.

If you decide to make this, tell us how it turned out. Make sure to give us any tips or ideas you may have on making it even better. Use the comment section below to share your experiences. We’d love to hear from you!

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