Learn How To Make Colorful DIY Ombre Wine Bottles!

Recycled wine bottles can be used in so many ways for crafting projects and turning them into beautiful upcycled decor for your home. Using wine bottles for holiday decorations is also a very popular way to show your festive spirit and I found a great wine bottle craft project at Brit.co that I want to share with you. This month we are all focusing on Halloween and today you will learn how to make colorful DIY Halloween Ombre Candy Corn Wine Bottles that look amazing and bring a touch of fall to your home decor.

What you will need:

  • orange, white, and yellow spray paint
  • empty wine bottles, labels removed
  • cardboard (for your spray painting space)


  • pumpkin
  • leaves
  • twigs
  • candy corns

diy ombre candy corn wine bottles

diy ombre candy corn wine bottles diy ombre candy corn wine bottles

Get the full tutorial here: Halloween Ombre Candy Corn Wine Bottles


This technique is not just for Halloween, you can make a wide variety of colored ombre bottles for any occasion!

If you decide to make these, tell us how it turned out. Make sure to give us any tips or ideas you may have on making it even better. Use the comment section below to share your experiences.

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