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I NEVER KNEW It Was Possible To Transfer Images To A Candle But It SURE IS!

I’m back with another fabulous Holiday Gift Idea! I never knew it was possible to transfer images to a candle but it sure is and in this tutorial you are going to learn how to decorate your own Personalized Candles in this DIY Craft Project from ‘kylzaskorner’.

You can have the kids make personalized candles for their grandparents, and it is even possible to use this technique to transfer images from the computer and embed them onto the candle for gorgeous gifts for everyone you know! I am honestly blown away that I did not know this was possible! As the ole saying goes “you learn something new every day!”
What you will need:

  • copy paper
  • tissue paper
  • tape
  • sharpies or markers,
  • a candle
  • wax paper
  • and a heat gun or blow dryer


  1. Tape a piece of tissue paper to your copy paper (it will bleed through) and use your markers to draw and or write sentiments on the tissue paper.personalized candle
  2. Carefully untape the tissue paper and cut out your design as close to the edges as possible and place on candle.personalized candle
  3. Cut a piece of wax paper that’s larger than your candle and pull it tight around the candle to hold the tissue in place.  Use the heat gun to melt the tissue design into the candle for 30 to 40 seconds heating the entire design.
    personalized candle

Peel back a corner of the wax paper and if the design is fully embedded into the candle it’s done.
personalized candle

As I mentioned above, you can also take images from the computer and embed them using this same technique with the addition of a few more steps which you can read about at the bottom of the original tutorial HERE. My thanks go to Kylie Amorim for sharing this amazing DIY Craft Project.

personalized candle
personalized candle

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