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Take Your Glitter Ornaments To The NEXT LEVEL By Personalizing Them!!

personalized glitter ornaments

I am sure by now you have seen or heard of making glitter balls with floor wax, you can also glitterize your ornaments using a craft glue like Glitter-It. The result is amazing colorful sparkly Christmas ornaments that look beautiful on the tree.

In this tutorial we will take glitter ornaments to the next level by making Personalized Glitter Ornaments. These use the same technique to add glitter to the ornament and then adding personalization to them with names or initials on the outside.

First let’s begin with the technique for making the glitter ornaments then we will show you how to personalize them.

What you will need to make Glitter Ornaments:

  • Liquid Floor Wax or Glitter-It Glue (must be liquid)
  • Fine Textured Glitter in your choice of colors
  • Clear ornaments (glass or plastic)
  • Funnel


  • Remove the ornament cap and add a small amount of liquid wax or glue to the inside of the ornament and swirl it around making sure to coat the entire inside thoroughly.
  • Pour any excess wax/glue back into the bottle.
  • Using your funnel, pour in about a tablespoon of glitter into the ornament, then cover the opening with your thumb. Now roll around to swirl the glitter to cover the entire inside of the ornament. Then shake it to break up any clumps. Add more glitter if need be to be sure there is an even coat with no clear showing anywhere.
  • Pour out any excess, tapping the sides to make sure any loose glitter is dumped out.
  • That’s it! Put the cap back on the ornament and your now ready to personalize it.

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