Save Your Old Picture Frames! See 22 DIY Reasons Why!

I’ve been cleaning out closets recently and could not believe how many boxes of old picture frames I have, so I set out to find some DIY Craft Projects for Repurposing Old Photo Frames and found a website called that shows 22 ways to repurpose my old frames in some really unique ways.

I absolutely love repurposing old things into something new, so whether your old photo frames are outdated, no longer match your decor or have been replaced with new frames, be sure to save those old frames to repurpose into brand new upcycled things.

repurposed picture frames

The image above is just one of many ideas you can create. To see all 22 DIY Craft Projects To Repurpose Old Picture Frames visit this wonderful website

If you have repurposed your old picture frames, I’s love to hear about your experience or ideas you have to share. Please use the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you!

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