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Save Your Jars! 30 Creative DIY Mason Jar Uses You Will Love

Mason Jar Crafts

I don’t think there’s a home in America that doesn’t have mason jars somewhere in their house. Mason jars are great for canning and we even use them as cups to drink from. For some reason it seems ice stays colder in mason jars than regular glass cups. Have you ever noticed that?

Save those mason jars, don’t throw them out, because in this awesome Gotta Love DIY Showcase Collection you are going to see 30 very creative DIY Mason Jar uses that you will love! I found these images on Pinterest and some of these photos have the names or websites where they can be found if you are interested in learning more about those.

1. Pin Cushions 2. Dry Bean and Soup Storage
3. Skin and Lip Scrub Containers

4. Snow Globes5. Soap or Lotion Dispenser

6. Tissue Dispensers

7. Floating Candles

8. Fancy Hanging ChandelierMason Jar Chandelier9. Vertical Hanging Garden
jar1010. Kitchen Light Fixture jar11

Go to the PAGE TWO to see more amazing DIY Mason Jar use ideas in this Showcase Collection!

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