What Do You Get With A Christmas Napkin, Mason Jar & Snow? MAGICAL!!

This is one of the cutest mason jar craft projects I’ve seen in awhile. In this tutorial from ‘instructables’ you will learn how to make a Decoupage Mason Jar with a Christmas Napkin and Snow Tex which creates a realistic snow like texture to your project.

With Christmas only a few weeks away, it’s not too soon to start getting busy with holiday decorations and these decoupage mason jars will be a perfect compliment to your Christmas decor this year.

What you will need:

  • Mason Jar
  • White chalk paint
  • Decorative napkins
  • Mod podge
  • Paint brush
  • Plastic wrap
  • Snow-Tex
  • White glitter
  • Decorative trim such as a bow and garland

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